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Share your case study at Digital Utilities 2020

Call for abstracts


One of the new additions to the Digital Utilities 2020 program is a Technical Session which will demonstrate the practical applications of digital technologies in real-world situations.

The first 45 minutes will involve the presentation of three case studies, followed by a 30 minute panel discussion with the presenters. Depending on interest, case studies may be grouped into themes and multiple themes run concurrently.

Potential themes could include: workforce mobility; asset management; leak detection; billing and customer experience; smart networks; process automation; machine learning and Artificial Intelligence; digital twins; blockchain; demand management; digital meters; Distributed Energy Resources and microgrids.

Abstracts are encouraged from anyone currently employed by a utility company, council, government department or a qualifying not for profit.

Fill in the form below for the opportunity to share your case study at Digital Utilities 2020.

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If your application is successful, you will be contacted by our events team. There are limited speaking opportunities available, which may involve some hard decisions in compiling the program.

Abstracts that are predominantly commercial demonstrations should apply for the Technology Stream on day two of the conference. For more information, download the prospectus.