Digital Utility Awards 2019: Best Use of New Technology

In recognition of the best new technology in place across a utility network.

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SA Power Networks

For its MyWorkday automated timesheet solution.

With 1.6 million time entries per year and a complicated Enterprise Agreement that meant every field worker’s time entry had to be checked by three separate individuals, SA Power Networks had a tremendous opportunity to automate a cumbersome and arduous time management process.

To meet the challenge, SA Power Networks determined that existing technology used in innovative ways could be utilised to deliver the massive simplification of timesheet and time evaluation required. A tenet of the project was to use standard SAP functionality and retire 80+ customisations of the past.

Even though no other SAP client had pushed standard SAP Time Evaluation to such limits, the project achieved this by exploiting the functionality to its full potential and redesigning the provision of data to the Time Evaluation engine. The solution can also be ported to the cloud in future, ensuring return on investment.



  • GHD and Unitywater – for their sewer overflow prediction tool utilising machine learning
  • Icon Water – for the modernising of its GIS system
  • Synergy – for its use of Robotic Processing Automation and IQ Bot introduction
  • Unitywater – for its Mobile Field Office solution
  • Western Power – for its Field Mobility Services program