March 4, 2020

Digital twins set to transform asset management

Digital twin technology is revolutionising the utility industry, offering utilities the chance to move towards real-time asset management – utilising predictive rather than reactive maintenance schedules – and test out an infinite range of “what-if?” scenarios. Here, Leah Moss of CSIRO’s Data61 discusses the applications, implications and opportunities surrounding digital twins. Ahead of her presentation…

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November 15, 2019

A smart grid for all: international insights on the changing energy landscape

solar panels on the roof of a house

As rooftop solar and batteries become the norm, how to appropriately manage their output becomes an increasing challenge around Australia. We spoke to Suleman Alli, Director of Strategy at UK Power Networks, ahead of his international keynote presentation at Digital Utilities 2020, about the utility’s plans to create the world’s most advanced electricity network control…

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November 8, 2018

Lessons from Nigel Watson, the UK’s water wizard

Lessons from the UK's water wizard

With Australian utilities engaged in domestic challenges ranging from grid modernisation to tightening regulation, it’s easy to forget that many utility operators around the world have faced similar obstacles — and may have ideas about how to overcome them. Here, Nigel Watson, Group Information Services Director at northern England’s Northumbrian Water, touches on key points…

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