March 11, 2020

In an era of Distributed Energy Resources, utilities increasingly leverage analytical solutions | Four reasons to consider digital twins in utilities

by Teresa Elliott, Industry Marketing Director, Bentley Systems Grid transformation, digital advancement, and delivering safe and reliable power are not mutually exclusive efforts. To become a data-driven grid operator, utilities must advance digitally and in concert with ongoing operations. However, information silos can limit collaboration and hinder integrated planning. Utilities need to access the data…

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March 4, 2020

Digital twins set to transform asset management

Digital twin technology is revolutionising the utility industry, offering utilities the chance to move towards real-time asset management – utilising predictive rather than reactive maintenance schedules – and test out an infinite range of “what-if?” scenarios. Here, Leah Moss of CSIRO’s Data61 discusses the applications, implications and opportunities surrounding digital twins. Ahead of her presentation…

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February 7, 2020

Redefining the concept of a digital utility

WiFi connecting smart city buildings

Digital technologies are challenging and disrupting the traditional utility paradigm and also the value chains in which utilities exist. The role of a utility is changing fast, whether it exists within a thriving global city or is located to serve the most remote regional districts. Utilities need to adapt, and digital technologies are playing a…

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January 24, 2020

Prioritising innovation for the benefit of customers and community

Murray River, South Australia

Digital technologies have dramatically altered the relationship between service providers and their customers, bringing both challenges and opportunities. Here, Kerry Rowlands, SA Water’s General Manager of Customer Delivery, shares key insights into how SA Water is using data to enhance service quality. Ahead of her presentation at the Digital Utilities 2020 conference in Sydney from…

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