Wayne Pales

Wayne Pales

Energy Industry Consultant and Director, Chapel Group

Wayne Pales has worked in the energy industry for over fifteen years in senior management gas and electric utilities in Australia and Hong Kong, with exposure to China and India. He is the co-author of the book Building blocks to a digital utility, a step by step guide to help utilities develop long term strategies that embrace behind the meter technologies. He currently consults to utilities in Asia and Australia, using energy data to deliver measurable customer value.

Wayne Pales’ presentation at Digital Utilities

The energy industry is currently undergoing an enormous transformation and we face regulatory uncertainty and policies that can hinder our ability to invest in a low-carbon economy. Consumer adoption of new energy technologies, such as rooftop solar, battery storage and the connected home, is changing the face of the industry, as are new entrants who will dramatically impact traditional revenue models.

Consumers are on this journey regardless of what utilities do, so utilities must leverage digital data to deliver services and products that position them at the heart of what is an inevitable transformation to a highly digitised and decentralised energy system. This presentation in particular will look at the critical role that demand response and third party access to energy data will play in the future success of a utility.

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