Welcome remarks

Anthony Caruana, CEO, Media-Wize


Digital twins in utilities

John Da Mina, Regional Director ANZ, Bentley Systems


Using technology to highlight the risks overhead

Aaron Smith, HSE Business Partner & Community Safety Manager, Energy Queensland

Unfortunately, many powerlines are accidentally contacted by workers every day which can result in severe and sometimes fatal injuries. Energy Queensland (EQL) has developed a lifesaving tool to help improve safety around powerlines. Lookupandlive.com.au is an online mapping application that pinpoints the location of 178,000km of overhead powerlines and 1.7 million poles across Queensland At EQL, a team of community safety specialists has been collecting statistics on accidental powerline contacts for over ten years to better understand why these incidents are occurring and how they could be prevented. From the outcomes of the investigations a clear issue stands out – a distinct lack of planning and powerline awareness. The team has fostered a positive and proactive association within the community by building awareness of the dangers of accidental contact with powerlines – via a program of engaging, educating and enabling workers. The Look Up and Live tool is an extension of this and enables behaviour change by helping workers to adequately plan work and put effective controls in place, assisting businesses to keep their workers safe and be legislatively compliant.


Technology Showcase

Codafication and Workforce Software will share how they are helping to accelerate digital transformation in the utility industry.


Technical Session

Phil Duncanson, GM Digital & Analytics, Jemena

Natasha Ogonowski, Water Sensitive Cities Program Manager, Water Corporation

Peter Condon, Data Science Team Leader, Western Power

A selection of case studies will demonstrate the practical applications of digital technologies in real-world situations. Each speaker will have 15 minutes to individually present their case study, which will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic of using data to improve decision-making.



A short break to enable delegates to digest the key learnings from the presentations they’ve seen so far before we go into the final sessions for Day 1. A short presentation from BidEnergy will showcase their cutting-edge technology solution.


Technology Showcase

EKA,Taggle and Madison Technologies will share how they are helping to accelerate digital transformation in the utility industry.


A good “digital twin” is the centre of any business’s transformation, but look out for the major hurdles to success

Paul Banfield, Strategic Account Manager – Water, AVEVA

A digital twin is a representation of the physical object in terms of data and information. It faithfully reports the current state and behaviour using IoT data and sensor information from the live asset. With unpresented levels of detail and analytic capability, the twin can also become a behavioural tool that can predict future events. In other words, the digital twin can predict the potential failures of its physical counterpart well before they happen and can suggest ways to prevent those failures. But there is a potential flaw. The digital twin can only be as good as the detailed data that it is built on, combined with the real-time data it gathers. It also requires detailed, accurate contextual information and real-life understanding of the system, area, units and rooms in which the digital twin exists. Only then can the twin represent the true ‘as-operated’ state that the business can trust.


Not a time for perfection

Matt Rennie, Oceania Power and Utilities Leader, EY

Voltaire once wrote that “perfection is the enemy of good” – Australian energy policy has had neither. Over the past 15 years, as the early embers of technological and customer-driven change began to simmer through the industry, energy policy in Australia has veered from the reactive to the counterproductive. Its regulatory agencies have been left, as with much of the industry, unable to look too far ahead, kept from devising a roadmap of reform, and from sending the signals necessary to make Australia the global vanguard of new energy, despite our abundance of natural resources. Time has now shifted against us, and Australia finds itself lined up as one of the first global countries to experience the energy transition, with grid parity for batteries expected in 2021 and EV/combustion engine parity in 2024. This is a time of challenge for our regulators and policymakers, which stand at the cusp of a maturity curve like never before. New funding compacts, new branches of cooperation and new approaches to attracting and retaining human capital are required. Will they meet the challenge? The energy transition depends on it.


Day 1 conference close


Digital transformation: the boardroom perspective

Lucia Cade, Chair, South East Water

Lucia will bring Digital Utilities attendees along on the organisation’s digital journey from the perspective of the boardroom. Technology plays a vital role in enabling South East Water to bring value to its customers and community, so the utility is always thinking ahead and implementing new digital solutions in its network to help create a better world for its customers. Lucia will focus on how South East Water is harnessing and inventing digital technologies to stay ahead of challenges like climate change and population growth, to make its customers’ experience better and to provide fair and affordable services – all while minimising its impact on the environment.


Panel: People

Katherine Gee, Executive Manager of Customer and Community, Unitywater

Matt Grantham, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Billcap

Neil Horrocks, Director, Centre for Energy Data Innovation, University of Queensland

Aaron Everingham, Country Manager Australia and New Zealand, Quadient

This panel will look at the impact of digital transformation on people, exploring how utilities can create a digital culture and use data analytics to enhance service quality, lower costs, and preserve and deepen customer relationships.


Situational awareness using the operational twin

Zoltan Borbas, Industry Consultant, Hexagon PPM


Technology Showcase

Innovapptive and Bid Energy will share how they are helping to accelerate digital transformation in the utility industry.


Panel: Processes

Angela Lam, Manager Information Technology, Horizon Power

Paul Siemers, Manager – Digital Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, Information Technology, Melbourne Water

Michael Joffe, Energy and Utilities Industry Lead, Publicis Sapient Australia

Mark McCormack, Group Manager Digital Utility Program, South East Water

Tyson Hackwood, Head of Growth, Monoova

This panel will explore how utilities can transition from legacy systems and manual operations to more streamlined digital processes, and the convergence of IT and OT as a critical component of digital transformation.



A short break to enable delegates to digest the key learnings from the presentations they’ve seen so far before we go into the final sessions for Day 2.


Technology Showcase

SOTI and K2FLY will share how they are helping to accelerate digital transformation in the utility industry.


Your digital twin: what could possibly go wrong?

Anna Murray, Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure, IFS Australia

The key to the success of your digital twin is to make sure that your processes are data driven rather than document driven. You don’t want all that hard won, critical asset data to sit in yet another silo of dark data. Structured asset information needs to flow directly into the systems used to build and manage it. Without integrating your digital twins into existing enterprise solutions and processes, these transformational technologies will create data silos unto themselves and the organisation will struggle to achieve asset management efficiencies.


A worldwide view on OT and IoT security

Mark Brown, Partner & Global Practice Head - OT & IoT Security, Wipro

With over 25 years of experience, Mark has held a number of Global IT leadership roles and has delivered projects on digital transformation, cybersecurity (including OT security), data privacy, business continuity and resilience, IT governance, IT risk and compliance. As a Strategic and Trusted Advisor to CxO’s within industry, he provides insightful, pragmatic advice to clients and partners on the paradigm of right-sizing cybersecurity and wider IT risks within business as a strategic enabler rather than a compliance-focused inhibitor. In this session, Mark will share his industry insights and his worldwide view on OT & IoT security; specifically the challenges faced in the European, American and Asia Pacific regions of enterprises as they envisage and realise their Industry 4.0 digital transformations.


Beyond the buzzwords: making the business case for emerging technologies

Featured technologies:

Presien will showcase Toolbox Spotter, an artificial intelligence computer vision system, optimised for heavy industries

Hydraulic Analysis Group Limited will showcase VariSim, a dynamic, real-time pressure transient simulator for water networks

Open Energi will showcase Dynamic Demand 2.0, demand-side response technology that reduces the cost of delivering and consuming power

MyPass Global will showcase MyPass, a digital workforce management platform that connects all of industry – workers, training organisations, service providers and end users

In this session, independent technology consultancy, Isle Utilities, will go beyond the buzzwords to explore the real impact and strategic implementation of digital technologies. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet a range of innovators and learn how emerging technologies can provide practical value to utility organisations.


Closing remarks

Anthony Caruana, CEO, Media-Wize


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