Innovation, Research & Development Manager, Queensland Urban Utilities

Colin Chapman

Colin has over 25 years’ experience in the water and infrastructure industry, undertaking a variety of roles across strategic, tactical and operational areas which incorporate strategic planning, innovation, research and development, economic flood recovery, business resilience as well as various assurance and compliance functions.

He has also undertaken many varied roles including project management, construction and operational activities for over 200 projects and has represented his organisation on a number of industry bodies.

Colin has been the Innovation, Research and Development Manager at Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) since 2013, where he provides overall leadership in the development and delivery of their innovation, research and development program. The program was recognised by making the BRW’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies List for 2015 and more recently at OZ Water ’17 Colin was given the Michael Flynn Award for Best Paper Presentation for the paper Innovation: Harnessing the Power of Creative Minds.

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