CRC for Water Sensitive Cities and Chair, Digital Water Initiative at the University of Queensland

Pablo Ledezma

Pablo has over 15 years’ experience in the monitoring, remediation and management of natural and engineered water and wastewater environments across three continents. In recent years, he has particularly focused on the development of digitally-native decentralised technologies for potable water supply, wastewater treatment, nutrient recovery and sanitation, delivering flagship projects to utilities, NGOs and government agencies.

As the inaugural Chair of the Digital Water Initiative at the University of Queensland (UQ-DWI), Pablo is
coordinating the establishment of a new university-wide research and development centre that aims to help facilitate the transition of the Australian water industry to the digital economy. It will also develop the next-generation of digitally-native and water-sensitive solutions to manage the urban water cycle, and evaluate the impacts that integrated digitisation of the water sector will have for all stakeholders.

In addition to his academic/research/consulting activities, Pablo is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the water sector, notably of Young Water Professionals (YWPs: aged 35 and under) whom he volunteers to mentor. For his advocacy efforts for YWPs, including the organisation of several fora at the national/international level, Pablo was elected in 2018 as an ‘Emerging Water Leader’ by the International Water Association – one of only 20 worldwide.

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