Digital Utility Awards 2019: Young Digital Leader of the Year

Awarded to the young person (under 35) demonstrating outstanding performance and passion for achieving digital transformation within their utility.

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Adam Severino – Sydney Water

In 2018, Sydney Water started an ambitious project to develop a data-driven model to inform strategic long-term capital investment decision making. This was the first time that Sydney Water had built an automated model of this complexity, capturing business rules from experienced engineers and using over 40 different datasets.

One significant challenge that was identified when developing the model was that each pathway produced 96,000 rows of data. This required consultants with technical expertise to extract and analyse information before it could be used by engineers and strategists, creating a bottleneck and slowing decision making.

Adam identified an opportunity to: define and implement a new way of working that would address the challenges with the model; and reinvent the way engineers and strategists used information to inform decision making.



  • Jack Cunnington – City West Water
  • Lucille Burkitt – Queensland Urban Utilities
  • Luke Dix – SA Water