Digital Utility Awards 2019: Digital Utility of the Year – Energy

Awarded to the energy utility showcasing the best use and implementation of digital technologies, tools and processes across their organisation.

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SA Power Networks

In 2018, SA Power Networks released a new Digital Strategy, creating a whole-of-business view of the critical role digital capabilities will play in equipping SA Power Networks for the future world and directing its digital transformation.

One of SA Power Network’s most significant transformations has been one of perspective and leadership. It extended significant resources into the re-framing of its vision of IT away from simple applications, platforms and technology. Choosing this focus meant developing the culture aspect of digital on the pathway to  creating a global digital mindset for all its employees.

SA Power Networks recognises that many of its more tedious tasks can be simplified, standardised and automated, and has completed a number of projects to streamline workflows and remove manual processes.

SA Power Networks is involved in a world-first project to develop new tools and methods to register and monitor Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), and set dynamic export limits (constraints) to a VPP operator, so they can operate without breaking the network and maximise their market participation.



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