• The digitisation of utilities is the greatest challenge currently facing the sector, with much to do to modernise existing networks, work practices and ways of interacting with customers.

But it’s also an area of great excitement and opportunity for those utilities willing to be brave, and step boldly into a new paradigm.


At Digital Utilities 2019, delegates will hear from the industry’s leaders – those who are taking the action required to turn their organisations into modern, dynamic utilities, equipped to provide customers with the services they expect, at the times they demand and at a price they are prepared to pay.


Digital is inevitable for all companies in the utility sector. There are always winners and losers with any major change – the question is, will your business be at the forefront of the digital revolution, or will you be left behind?

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The people behind the event


Digital Utilities is hosted by Monkey Media, a trade publisher and full-service marketing agency.

Monkey Media publishes Utility Magazine, the utility industry’s must-read publication and the title of choice for decision makers at all levels of water and energy utilities, as well as consulting engineers and contractors.

More than just a magazine, Utility brings the whole industry together through its integrated print, digital and event channels, inspiring utility professionals to learn and grow better together.

Monkey Media’s event philosophy


Unlike a typical event company, we focus only on the areas where we already have a deep knowledge and connection.

Our conference programs are put together by our knowledgeable editors with a strong emphasis on providing useful information and creating genuine discussion around topical issues.

Our events regularly attract some of the most senior executives in our target industries and are recognised by attendees as being among the very best conference and event experiences they have had.

Based on their experience at our inaugural event, Digital Utilities 2018, 71% of delegates said they were likely/extremely likely to attend future events.

79% of delegates also said they were likely/extremely likely to recommend Digital Utilities to a friend or colleague.